Established by San Luis Obispo County Drug and Alcohol Services in 1989, the North County Connection is located in beautiful Atascadero California. Grass roots driven and largely staffed by dedicated volunteers, NCC operates on the premise that treatment alone is not enough to cope with the devastation of drug and alcohol related problems. In addition to early intervention with those who may be predisposed to these problems, we are also in dire need of prevention strategies.

Utilizing the Social Model NCC combines the best features of self help groups, treatment and prevention concepts. The center hosts many self help meetings, a walk in and telephone referral service, a recovery oriented book, video, and audio library, and a safe, drug and alcohol free place to go for support.

In addition, NCC attempts to instill an ethic in the community that it's okay not to drink. Our long term goal is one of long term prevention aimed at changing the forces in the community, not just providing services for those who are affected. Our philosophy is based on the premise that alcohol and drug problems are not just individual problems, but are rooted in the society and the community from which they arise.

Below is NCC's Mission Statement and a link to more information.